Margarita Man Headquarters Purchased by New Owners

On August 19, 2019, Doug Henderson and Jeremy Freeman purchased the Margarita Man Headquarters from the company’s founder – Laurent Perron.

Doug and Jeremy are thrilled to take the reigns of this exciting company that was founded over 35 years ago! The Margarita Man offers delicious, gourmet mixes to our customers around the United States, sells a variety of the best margarita machines available on the market (contact us for more info), and offers franchising opportunities to individuals interested in starting a margarita machine rental business in their area (including use of the registered trademark The Margarita Man®). Find a Margarita Man® near you to help make your next party a success, and free yourself from having to be the “bar tender” at your own event.

Doug and Jeremy have big plans for expanding the business, including an updated logo and branding that will be revealed soon, big upgrades to our product line, a new website that is currently under development, and much more! They have a goal of making the Margarita Man® a household name that people come to know and love when it comes to frozen drinks of any variety – adult or non-alcoholic slushies for kids.

Cowboy Freeze LogoDoug and Jeremy are entrepreneurs that started their own margarita machine rental business in 2015 in Stillwater, Oklahoma: Cowboy Freeze. They built this business from the ground up and learned many valuable lessons about marketing, operations, the importance of great customer service, and offering only the best products to their customers. After using a different brand of frozen drink concentrate when they first started, they quickly learned that it left something to be desired in terms of quality. After scouring the web in search of a better alternative and sampling many different products from around the US, the Margarita Man’s gourmet mixes emerged as the clear winner. Cowboy Freeze began carrying Margarita Man mixes in 2017. That change, coupled with their greatly improved online presence and marketing, really allowed them to “freeze” the local competition out of the water!

If you are celebrating a special event in your life, be it a wedding, adult birthday, kid’s birthday, holiday, or just because – we hope that you will allow the Margarita Man to be a part of your special day. Find a Margarita Man near you to deliver a top-notch machine using our gourmet mixes, or order our gourmet product online if you already have your own machine. We also offer our award-winning concentrates in smaller bottles to be made in smaller batches in the blender – we call it our Blendarita®!

Learn why Margarita Man is the Favorite Margarita Provider in America.