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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Margarita Man.  If the area you’re interested in is available, you will receive a sample packet of our sample size mixes and other goodies via the postal service.

With any new venture, knowing what your startup cost are is essential.  We know your time is valuable so here you will find general information about what it will cost you to get started. We charge a one-time license fee for your exclusive rights territory.  The territory can be and usually is a county or counties.  Our recommendation is not to make deliveries more than about 50-miles from your base of operations to keep your delivery costs down. For the first 100,000 households in your exclusive area, we charge a minimum license fee of $2995.  This buys your exclusive rights territory plus all your startup items.

(You can find the number of households in any county by going to then enter your state then search for your county or counties and a list of demographics including households is displayed.) For each additional 50K households, the fee increases $500.  (Not applicable in California.  Call 210-846-1688 for the details.)

We provide you with nearly forty essential startup items including a professionally designed website.  Below is information about machines we sell and recommend which are extra and not included in your startup items.

I recommend you get a combination of both types of machines.  The two types of machines recommended for rent are granita machines and barrel beverage freezers.  We offer granita machines on our website.  They SPM’s new I-Pro 2 are the single bowl Donper model XC112 and their double bowl model XC224.   Your price for this model pictured here is $1895 plus shipping from Houston.

Donper’s model XC-224 granita machine  These granita machines have proven themselves in the rental industry as dependable money makers. Renting the double bowl machine allows you sell two different flavors of your Margarita Man mixes.  The single bowl granita machine is just $1295 plus shipping. Both come with a two year warranty on the compressor.

SPM’s new I-Pro 2 granita machine is setting a new standard in these visual merchandisers as they are called.  The I-Pro 2 is revolutionizing the market with their double walled bowl for insulating the frozen product.

  • The I-Pro Mechanical range has innovative and distinct features.

  • The introduction of the i-TankTM technology and LED cold lighting, distinguish it from traditional slush machines.

  • The I-Pro Electronic range is a genuine revolution in the industry. Design and technology combine into a unique slush dispensing system.

  • Learn more at

Margarita Men pay just $1995 for the I-Pro 2 granita machine.

Unlike the granita machines pictured above, barrel beverage freezers are recommended for larger gatherings in warmer environments and are different than a granita machine.  The barrel freezers we sell are made by Frosty Factory and by Grindmaster aka… GMCW.  The Frosty Factory machine we recommend is their model 127A pictured.  We sell it for $3380 plus shipping from Louisiana.  It weighs only 145 pounds with a 6-gallon capacity.  It can serve 6 to 8 gallons of frozen drinks in an hour.  Here is a link.  I like this machine because it has handles on each side for easy maneuverability and an overnight standby switch good for use in a restaurant.

Frosty Factory’s model 127A – Barrel Freezer

GMCW’s Crathco 3311 model barrel freezer is widely used in the machine rental business.  It weighs 165 pounds and has a 6.5 gallon capacity.  Our price is $3950 plus shipping from Louisville, KY.  Both barrel freezers come with a 5-year warranty on the compressor and evaporator, one year on parts and 90-days on labor.

Crathco’s model 3311 – Barrel Freezer

SPM’s new MP for Massive Production is new to the range of slush machines offered by SPM Drink Systems. SPM machines are designed and made in Italy and their new MP is ideal for high-volume situations. This slush machine produces slush continuously, thanks to its gravity feed system. The tank is refrigerated and production is rapid. Its robust stainless steel structure, together with its LED lighting, give this machine a touch of fine design. MP out performs its counterparts. With performance like no other, this machine features illumination around the freezing barrel as well as varying colorful illumination below the barrel.  Very cool!  5-year warranty on the compressor, 1-year on parts, 90-days labor.

Margarita Men pay just $3295 plus shipping.

The other upfront expense to budget for is a delivery vehicle like a utility trailer.  A 6 x 12 is a good size to start with which will carry about seven machines.  Check on Craigslist for a good used 6 x 12 enclosed utility trailer to save money.  Make sure your can stand up in it and that it has a back door that is hinged at the bottom for use as your ramp.  A professional wrap will run about $2000 but is money well spent since your trailer is a moving billboard.  We provide you all the graphics you will need to have it branded like this one.

With this information I believe you can arrive at what your basic startup costs will be.  The first step is to decide what territory you want and then what and how many machines you want to start with. I recommend you start with at least one Donper XC-224 granita machine and two barrel freezers.  My job is for you to be able to make an informed decision.  Call my cell at 210-846-1688.

We are sending you a sample packet via the postal service.  When you’ve enjoyed your sample size “blenderful” mixes, give me a call on my cell and I’ll answer any questions and we’ll discuss how to get you open and in business.

In the meantime, be sure to download the PDF files on our Opportunity page.

Thank you!!

Laurent Perron, Founder

The Margarita Man

210-846-1688 cell

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